CZJ Black Biotar 5,8cm f2 M42

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Re: CZJ Black Biotar 5,8cm f2 M42

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I love these photos. While they aren't typically anybody's favorites, I like thes landscape, high detail shots with vintage lenses.

Actually, I don't use my Biotar 8/2 as often as it deserves it. It's a very sharp lens with plenty of resolution, great corners a little down, a nice warm palette, and some global contrast compression (good for scenes with high DR).

I find it as adorable and a bit higher resolving that another lens I really like, if you can find a very good copy, the CZJ 50/2 Pancolar (in my copies, the f2 is more to my linking and seems a bit different computation).

Thanks for sharing these photos. The last one could make for a nice print too.

Thank you:-) This is the first postwar version with 17 iris blades from 1949 this one is small and most likely has elements made before 1942.

Wow. I am not sure I've ever seen one. Photos look pretty good for such an old lens!

I have the third version silver 1Q (first quality) with 10 iris blades from 1959. It's much larger and has better coatings and a bit sharper. Some photos:

I just checked and I think I have this version, something like 3.5 million serial. It has a strange logo that now I reason may mean 1Q. So all these (3rd gen silver) lenses have the 1Q logo?

I find the rendering so good. So much to my liking. The f2 isn't radioactive, only the initial batches of the 1.8, then they modified the design with some airspace and eliminated the Thorium. I also have the 1.8 (non radioactive version). Another somewhat similar rendering lens (but it's different cast) is the Oreston 1.8.

I reallly like all these Pancolar photos. It really is a very versatile lens, neither modern nor old. It has quit some LoCA which only shows in very high contrast bright white regions. It's better in actual images, than in tests. It has amazing resolution, I like it a lot in the A7RIII.

Both lenses belong to Xenon-Biotar family with Lecia Summicron R 50mm f2 V1 and Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon. I had them all.

Don't show me lenses I don't have, especially Leitz! These photos look amazing! I've not see much posted or mentioned in this forum, probably because it's been discussed in the past. What's your take on the R Summicron? They aren't even that expensive (in Leica Dollar$ I mean)

I have one Xenon for QBM (SL Xenon). I am not sure how to categorize it, I consider it quite good. So far, it does good images -little flaws- but that don't move me. I am not sure if it's the color balance or what.

Here is a very good test and background of post-war Biotars 58mm it's translated from Japanese or Korean by Google translate:

Pancolars are very undervalued lenses, for me are among the best 50'ever.

I never owned Meyer Goerlitz Oreston 50mm 1.8 the cool blueish cast comes from the coatings.

Summicron 50 is very fine lens, sharp, heavy, beautiful rendition but it's too expensive for a 50mm lens.

Xenon 50mm I had was M42 version and was quite good but I like Pancolar, Summicron and Biotar more.

Thank you

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