What's the point of min shutter speed if it can go below the minimum when it wants?

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Re: What's the point of min shutter speed if it can go below the minimum when it wants?

I understand your point, but the reality is that you are still in "aperture" mode and not manual. While the camera will attempt to attain your minimum shutter speed, if the exposure triangle does not work at the maximum iso you have allowed then it has no choice. You've locked the Auto ISO with your minimum and maximum choice and since you are in aperture mode it can not on its own change that so it lowers the shutter speed which, because of how you have set up your individual camera, is the only choice it has to act on its own.

Manual mode is the only mode where you get what YOU want when YOU want it. All other modes you are giving the camera permission to adjust one or more parts of the exposure triangle as it sees fit.   It tries, in this case to hit your minimum shutter speed, but if the exposure itself would be in danger it shifts to get you what it considers a usable image.

I use aperture and minimum shutter speed almost all the time when using auto ISO, but when I really have to have that shutter speed, I use shutter speed mode, auto iso, and let the camera choose the aperture if it can open wide enough.  The vast majority of the time it can.

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