GM 14 initial test, rear filter usage and sample images

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Re: GM 14 initial test, rear filter usage and sample images

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Sure but I would at least expect a prime to be able to compete with 2.8 zooms at 2.8. My 14GM wasn't anywhere near my Sigma 14-24 at 2.8. The Sigma was just better at everything except sun stars.

you probably got a lemon. My copy where better at 2.8 from what I seen on these UW zooms.

How about at close range? My copy definitely looked something like the results here while the Sigma is as sharp at close range as it is at distance:

It’s not really made for close focus subject, I don’t really do that sort of things with extreme UW… So I have not tested it. Sigma and Tamron is also know to make this a selling point for their lenses.

Yep well I wanted to know if close distance performance was just an issue with my copy or the lens in general and it seems to be the lens in general. Can't think of any other Sony lens with the limitation that it performs this lousy near MFD so this is something new.

For fun I pulled out my Laowa 15mm F2 and it performs similarly optically. But the Laowa has the advantage it can use 72mm front filters and for the things the 14GM actually perform at, autofocus is of little importance so don't see much purpose of the 14GM.

Most UW is 25-28cm in MFD and has 0,1x it should really tell you that it’s not gonna be great at it. If you want to shoot close get a UW macro or other lens design specifically designed for it, because it’s not in a UW nature to be good at it, especially not at 14mm, in fact these are more often then not horrible at MFD. Personally I care very little about it, I just want a fast relatively lightweight UW that fulfil demand of sharpness and minimum of distortion, there isn’t a UW that is sharper or has less distortion then this at 14, it might not be 50 stellar performance but it’s great for what it is. But obviously if one desire a MFD capable lens this is probably not it.

I would gladly have accepted a MF if there where one that where equally good. But most are just average and has some really serious distortion and vignetting issues going on, it’s often so bad I rather use something else. Hopefully Voigtländer will come up with something on level with their Apo-L lenses.

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