so is back button focus needed anymore with the r5

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Re: so is back button focus needed anymore with the r5

PhotoFoxx wrote:

But even for this, BBF is not needed as you can just turn your focus ring to adjust focus (there are option for this in the menu)

I never understood the reason for using BBF. People keep saying its an advantage in some situation to not having the camera focusing again but I can not think of such a situation. If the camera doesn't focus, your image is out of focus. Why would you want that?

With the R5 and the RP I am just using servo and that's it. As even if you are holding still and your model (in case of a portrait) stands still, the slightest move will reduce sharpness. So even in this situation I would not switch to another mode and use servo.

Even on my old canon rebel I switched to servo as it worked quit well.

Currently I am trying out switching to Eye detection via AF-ON button. This is a nice variant as others have mentioned because in cases where Auto detection doesn't know what I want to have in focus I can use de single point as default and hold down AF-On to use face detection

An example I can give you from my own experience is aviation photography. Using BBF I acquire focus on the plane and keep the button pressed. The plane is now in focus and is being tracked across the sky in servo mode. Using the shutter button I can then follow the plane and fire off a combination shots as and when I want, eg: click, click, pause, burst, pause, burst, pause, click.  Because BBF is pressed the whole time, the plane remains in focus and the camera doesn't need to reacquire focus in between shots. (The shutter button does not overrule BBF so it won't try to refocus.) You can't do this using the shutter button alone, because the moment you release your finger from the shutter after taking a shot, or burst of shots, you have to reacquire focus again.

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