processing ground frames with light painting

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Re: processing ground frames with light painting

knight427 wrote:

One issue I'm having on the blue hour composite is that the tree leaf edges have a deep blue edge which isn't blending great with the sky frame. I'll keep playing with pixel size and other parameters in the "select and mask" menu. I suppose it would help to shift my sky into a deep blue temperature as a last resort. But as a question to those who have done the blue hour method a you always chose a blue-tinted sky, or do you use extensive color shifting of the foreground?

I personally never 'choose' a sky color, I shoot daylight white balance and let the sky colors (airglow) fall where they will (thus only get blue skies during twilight or with moonlight). That being said, I typically shoot in very dark locations, which clearly yours was not.

There are many complex masking techniques to solve your fringing issue, and I'd suggest doing a search and trying a few to see what method suits you.

When I do shoot foregrounds during blue hour, I do warm them up a bit so that they better match the night sky.

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