Meostigmat 1.4/70

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Meostigmat 1.4/70

Got this gorgeous projector beauty as a gift. It arrived this week, and while I still can't mount it properly, I had some tubes and reverse rings that happened to allow mounting it at a fixed position (no focusing):

How it looks with the reverse ring and no modification

With the 16mm tube + the reverse ring (adds about 1.5mm) I can focus at a distance of about 1 to 1.5 meters, with a 10mm tube it does around 8 meters. I prefer not to file and break anything -for now-, leave the lens intact. What I will do is very simple. use an LM helicoid (even if I get some vignetting) and use a reverse M49->L39 reverse macro ring. The rear of this lens is exactly 49mm.

I took aome pictures, but it was night already and have very weak illumination, so it had to be something simple. I had the twin Elmars already there and they became my first subjects.

Center crop, mechanical vignette (I just made a curved circle with one hand

Backstory: I happen to have many lenses, but all of them invariably are slower than 60mm or faster than 80mm. I had a spare lens that came as a bundle, and offered it to fellow forum member Lightshow, who was looking for one. I was glad to give it away, as can't be in better hands. I recall he asked if I wanted any lens in return, as he has some twin ones, but I really wasn't thinking it as any exchange, and offered it with no expectation of any kind.

Much later, moths or year, I commented on a thread, and he reached out to ask me if I would be interested in one Meopta 70/1.4. Isn't that unfair? I have no FL in the range. It's an odd projector lens. It's f1.4. I tried to say no, but it'd have been a bit dishonest. I was really interested in the Meopta and just had to say so.

I had to apply copious defringe. With very shiny surfaces it has a lot of purple fringes

I don't feel I could review it, or discuss much. And there's a thread already, but somehow I can't find the link. It has information on how to adapt it. For me, if the LM tactic works to focus from 1.5m to 10 meters, that's perfect for what I will be using it which is night portrait wide open.

I really like it's vintage rendering, and what I'd be more interested in doing is in actually finding how to slide in an aperture. This won't happen now, but for some future. It was really an unexpected gift, and hope to make more photographs and have fun with it.

Thanks Lightshow!

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