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jeff23r wrote:

is the af-on button already set up for use for BBF

By default, the AF-ON button does just what it says, it activates autofocus with the back button.

or must one change a setting in the menu? i know to set af-c to "release" rather than "focus" but are there any other settings to change?

Decouple shutter release from AF duty if you want only the back AF button to control when the camera attempts to focus. (Custom Settings Menu a7 on a Z 6).

Presume you first set the camera in af-c, pick a focus mode, press the af-on button - must one hold the button once focused is locked

You can continue to hold the back AF-ON button if you'd like. It'll be "locked" only if you're in AF-S and the camera has recognized an area of sufficient contrast. (In AF-S, the camera Auto Focuses a Single time until you release whichever button and try again). If you're in AF-C, it'll continue to attempt to focus beneath whatever AF-Area (square) you've selected until you release the AF-ON button. (Same as a half-press on shutter button by default).

or do you let go and press ok once you have taken the picture?

You don't need to press "ok," might you be confusing this with subject tracking mode within AF-Auto Area?

that is, does the focus hold once it hits after pressing the af-on button

Only if you're in AF-S. You can "hold focus" in AF-C by merely letting off the AF-ON button provided the camera and subject remain stationary.

and only releases pressing ok?

You don't need to press okay - you just let go of AF-ON button. It seems that you're describing a sub-mode of "Auto Area AF" called "subject tracking" in which a white/yellow/green square appears in the middle.

If you haven't seen Steve Perry's succinct videos, it might behoove you to watch these first two on list:

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