What happened to the FA 21 Limited?

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Re: What happened to the FA 21 Limited?

James O'Neill wrote:

Breakfastographer 2 wrote:

James O'Neill wrote:

5r82 wrote:

Since this is a full frame lens, it will could be released with new K-1 Mark 3 one day.

Possibly the announcement it is shipping will coincide with the first showing of K1-iii prototype.

Not sure if you're being sarcastic now, because that would be a long way off - the next camera to be released will be APS-C.

General consensus is not. The investment in things which we see on the 3-iii was substantial and those things need to go other high price cameras. There was something Asahi man said a few months ago which made those of us waiting for the next FF feel optimistic. I'm hoping to see a K1-iii this year, but next year is more likely. But shown this year and shipping next year is possible.

Fair enough, maybe it's one rumour against another.

But having heard how much trouble they had scaling up the pentaprism production for this camera, and that the overall process took five years, I'm not too hopeful they can make an even bigger one with a low failure rate in production quite so soon, for a realistically priced K-1 III that includes it.

I'm going to hold back belief that any major project that hasn't been firmly rumoured yet (which would be a reasonable prequel to it being "shown" by the end of the year) could be shipping before 2023. An APS-C body that's an update to the K-70 and/or KP, presumably without the new pentaprism, but maybe some other features carried across (touchscreen, AF using metering matrix) - sure, I can see that, even releasing by the holiday season if the upgrades are relatively minor and straightforward, or the platform is essentially the K-3 III with just a few differences in hardware (pentaprism, shutter-mirror-assembly, sensor, display articulation).

The thing with the K-1 III is that they need to learn from the K-3 III and put all those lessons into the K-1 III for it to be a real success. And then iterate that again for the K-3 IIIs or whatever comes next in that line. The platform they have now has some very good parts, they just need to take a step back, take a good look, and tweak it right.

And while we're on future development of model lines, let me just say, I do hope they drop the solenoid and use the motor across all model lines going forward. It'll cost a bit extra, but it'll go a long way in reassuring customers, and it would be a really great way to jump back from those lawsuits and say, "hey, you know what, you were right and we were wrong, we're sorry, we learnt from it, and we went all out to make it right, eliminating completely the part that could fail, and giving you the kind of entry level camera that you rightly expect from us". And then slap some kind of promotion onto the back for those customers that haven't been part of any settlement, like get $50 off the list price of any DA Ltd, or get $100 off the list price of either the 11-18 or 16-50 new DA* lens. Basically, do something to get them hooked on diving deeper into the fantastic world of Pentax optics, something that's a bit more than the standard "street price" deals you can get from dealers anyway. And in the process, sweeten the pill in a visible way that the new entry level might be a bit dearer than the last one because of the higher quality parts.

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