EOS M6 II my journey, reasons, and thoughts after 3 days of use

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EOS M6 II my journey, reasons, and thoughts after 3 days of use

Fellow M forumers. Long post and picture heavy and apologies for that. I used to have an M5. I was one of the early adopters and got it as soon as it was available. I got some really good pictures with it. In 2018 I sold it. I had at one point purchase most of the EF-M lenses. One exception being the 35mm 1.4 as by the time the lens was introduced I was kind of thinking of selling EOS M gear and keep only RF mount. My reason was to consolidate and reduce my camera gear. I did not have the heart to sell my EF-M 11-22, 22mm. The EF-M 11-22 and 22mm were responsible for capturing a lot of my travel memories. In my opinion both these lenses are stellar. Punching way way above their money weight. Hence even though I was moving out of EF-M, I decided to hold on to these two lenses reason I myself also don't know. I also have Samyang 8mm fisheye lens which I had posted on local craigslist. It didn't sell. So I just kept it. Now I am happy I have these lenses.

So what made me buy the EOS M6 II. I bicycle a lot. I carry my EOS RP + RF 800mm f11 and Laowa RF 14mm on my backpack. Due to bicycle ergonomics, I unfortunately got a shoulder rotator cuff inflammation. Something like tendonitis of the shoulder on the front side. I had to take 10 days complete rest from bicycling. For future ergo relief, I installed bar extensions on my bike. These have reduced the nitis to a slight nag once in a while. One of the recommendation was to not carry anything on back as the bicycling posture does play a minor part to aggravate especially when injury has already occurred. After much research and believe me a lot of parameters and criteria went into this - I decided on EOS M6 II, and Canon 70-300mm L lens. This setup means I can stow the camera and the 70-300mm L lens mounted on it + 11-22mm all in the front handle bar bag. The key reason I settled on EOS-M6 II was its high pixel count, and I read the AF system is similar to the RP AF. I am happy with the RP AF. I have now used M6 II + 70-300mm L + 11-22mm for 3 consecutive days. I settled on the 70-300 L lens after reading numerous articles, and watching youtube videos. There is nothing wrong with the other telephoto zoom options in case you are wondering. Just the key reviewers whose opinion I trust were recommending the L lens highly and I went with it. Here's my findings.

The EOS M6 II AF capabilities is excellent. Combined with the 70-300mm L lens - the AF blows my mind away. When I put it in Servo + tracking - the thing just goes crazy. Crazy AF speed and more important - the accuracy.

Below are a few taken over past 3 days starting with landscape followed by perched birds and slow predictable pattern large flying birds, followed by the AF litmus test flying birds.

For landscape I love it. These are with the 11-22mm lens and processed using ACDSee photostudio.

For birding - the focal length 70-300 becomes approx 110 to 380mm. 380mm is a bit short. It is what it is. I just am unable to fit a 100-400 in saddle bag without making severe adjustment to my bike to the point it will start becoming cumbersome and take the fun factor out of it. These are processed using DXO PL4.

As for its AF capabilities - one is a Starling in flight, and the other is a swallow in flight. What I am trying to say - these are very small sized birds which fly fast. To make it more challenging - the swallow has a random pattern or at least I haven't found one. The bald eagle - crow saga was captured when they were performing the random pattern to shake each other off and they were super faraway. Even in these situations, the EOS M6 II + 70-300mm L manages to get these. The only limitation is me. If I can get it in the view finder, the camera will get it. It is that capable. Below are cropped extensively. I am posting this only to convey - the AF is capable.

Now on things I wished were different - and again my opinion - The VF sticks out a lot on the M6 II. After being spoilt with the RP sensor, I can see the APS-C images and for a lack of better words will say there are trade-offs as expected. Please don't make this a FF vs APS-C war. The key word is there are trade-offs.

What's coming in mail is 1.4X III TC. It is compatible with 70-300L only from 280 onwards. I already have the hack to keep the lens from zooming below 280mm. I also am meeting a seller of 300mm F4 L IS lens. Ok .. a long read - thanks for hanging in there. Again I do not want anyone to feel offended. I reiterate - the key word is there are always trade-offs in our decisions.

Cheers - and lets enjoy our hobbies.

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Canon EOS M6
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