Help--a7r iv not recognizing my Leica M lenses?

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Re: Enable "Release w/o Lens"

SQLGuy wrote:

Rol Lei Nut wrote:

Which exposure mode are you using?

P or S, which require the camera to set the lens' aperture, would result in an error...

I shoot with dumb adapters and manual lenses all the time. Even in P and S modes, they work fine. Maybe this changed in the A7R4?

That can be done, but the camera has to be set to AutoISO so there's at least one parameter which can auto change to ensure a correct exposure. If you don't do that there's nothing "auto" left and you are in reality shooting in full M mode. I mostly shoot in A mode with AutoISO and a min. shutter speed  (depending on the lens FL) and max ISO set.

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