There should be a mft webcam body

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Re: There should be a mft webcam body

Michael Meissner wrote:

tehdehzeh wrote:

SDreamer wrote:

I can see the want, but I don't think any company would do it. You can pretty much get an older mft body that supports a clean HDMI out with a dummy battery for maybe the price of what a company would charger for a webcam like that.

Yeah, this is the path I'm looking at. Like a GH3 or a G7 so.

Or an EM1.1.

These are all still not that cheap though. I guess I could maybe be lucky and find a defective model where the defect is irrelevant for my use case (broken display or such)

No, an E-m1.1 will not work. Olympus did not support live view through HDMI until the E-m5 mark II came out. On cameras before the E-m5 mark II, if you plugged in an HDMI cable, it would immediately send the camera into review mode (on the assumption you hooked up the camera to a TV to review pictures).

But I believe the E-m1.1 supported delivering analog video output through a CB-AV3 cable, and you needed a compatible analog device to hook up the yellow RCA jack to. Resolution wasn't that great however.

Yeah, but it works with the Oly Webcam software via USB, which is even better.

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