Any owners of the M5 and Sigma 100-400 (Specifically)

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Re: Any owners of the M5 and Sigma 100-400 (Specifically)

The M5 AF is it Achilles heels. Canon has improved their AF algorithm and performance significantly in last couple of years. In my opinion while M5 and telephoto is doable for perched birds, and doable with significant technique BIF, the M6 II is the way to go. Canon has sprinkled it AF magic liberally. I just got the M6 II (3rd day today) and am blown away by the way it performs. I will be posting a separate thread on that soon. In a nutshell - in my opinion, if you are serious about birding and tele's, you may want to consider upgrading to M6 II as well. My 2 cents.

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