Does anyone else do this.

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Re: Does anyone else do this.

I think it depends on what you are attempting to photograph, and under what circumstances.    Using an LCD at arms length, especially in bright light, is an exercise in frustration for me.   I do not find it useful for precise composition.  For this I prefer a viewfinder.     But I have also been in situations where the light has been low, such that I needed to stabilize the camera but did not have a tripod.   I would brace the camera against a stable object, such as a pole, rock or tree.    I could not get my eye close enough to use the viewfinder, so the LCD screen was my only option. This method has worked extremely well.  Since the camera was stabilized, my composition could be precise.   I have gotten photographs I would not otherwise have gotten.

My first mirrorless APS-C camera, which I still use, has a tilting LCD screen.    This allows waist level viewing, such as was done with medium format twins lens and single lens reflex film cameras (such as Rollei or Hasselblad).      If circumstances allow, this is my preferred method because it allows me the greatest stability hand-held.   I too am far sighted and wear tri-focal glasses.    That allows me to see the LCD screen sharply at waist level.

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