I was wrong about JIP

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Re: I was wrong about JIP

bs1946 wrote:

What everyone needs to realize is that JIP has zero interest in making cameras or lenses. They are an Investment company that specializes in buying distressed or under performing companies for the lowest possible price and bringing in their own management team to turn things around. In this case the result is OMD Solutions. If the management team put in place at OMD stops the flowing red ink and returns the company to profitability, then JIP will look to turn a nice profit on their investment by finding a buyer who is interested in being in the camera business. But, if OMD can't do any better that Olympus did, there is a predetermined time at which point JIP will pull the plug on OMD, sell off whatever has market value, and Olympus will become another former camera brand, now gone, and fondly remembered by its many users.

Has JIP sold the viao business they bought from Sony? I think they still own it right?

It's unlikely they would sell the company even if omds can turn a profit. Remember Olympus paid JIP to take the consumer imaging business. Only potential buyers would maybe be some Chinese companies, but is also unlikely.

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