A Little Camera Porn To Brighten The Day...

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Re: The Camera Bag Porn Brightened The Day...

cba_melbourne wrote:

Harold66 wrote:

bs1946 wrote:

It's almost eight years old and still solid as a rock. The only downsize to leather instead of canvas is the weight.

NO...NOT even remotely true 🤨🤭

Leather is heavier, more expensive and less resistant to scratches

Also any photographer who had experienced heavy rain knows than in everyday use high quality canvas is waaaaayyy better than leather

people who buy leather camera bags usually do it for the look 🤓


You know, there is a reason people buy cars with leather seats over canvas seats. Leather ages beautifully (it is called patina) whereas canvas seats just do not wear well (it's called grotty). Leather feels a lot better too.

As for bags and straps, there is very good leather and there is cheap leather. There is very tear and water resistant leather and there is good looking but thin and fragile leather. I used to have horses and know to tell apart cheap and good leather.

But yes, good leather photo bags are heavier and cost more. They last a lifetime though. And yes, some cheap leathers can give off corrosive fumes, depends what chemicals were used for tanning. I have seen some imported leathers turning blank brass screws green. Cheap leather bags are definitely not a good choice for photo gear.

True, my leather messenger bag is almost 10 yrs old now. Obviously it helps if you take care of your stuff.

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