There should be a mft webcam body

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Re: There should be a mft webcam body

tehdehzeh wrote:

Okay, so like probably many of you, I am using one of my cameras (GX85) as a webcam in my home office, and I enjoy how that enables me to be seen even though my desk is in the worst possible spot with more or less direct sunlight behind me for most of the day. However, it is kind of cumbersome. I need a HDMI capture device, I need to remember to check the battery before I start a meeting, because the GX85 doesn't charge via USB when it's on (I know there are AC adapters, but I don't have one), and also I need to frequently disassemble the rig, because it is my main camera (the others I have don't put out live view on HDMI..).

Now, of the current crop, the cheapest option that is directly compatible with Pana/Oly webcam software is the G100, but that's still around 500€, which is quite a lot if your use case is only webcam. Also it has a lot of features a webcam doesn't need.

So what I wish would exist (for let's say half the price?) is a minimal webcam-only body. No IBIS, cheapest 4/3-sensor that can do 1080p, no screen, no viewfinder, no buttons (you should be able to select aperture, focus method, etc in the webcam software), no flash, no SD card slot, no battery. Just a sensor, a flange, a mount point and a usb socket.

I would buy one, who else?

(I am sure lots of people will explain why it's not going to happen - I know! I just wish it would ;))



A decent webcam, with some lights.

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