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Re: Godox flash bracket

tugwilson wrote:

itsDing wrote:

I can see how the B2 works with the AD200's, very neat. I must have seen it on a video with two AD200's and not realised the B2 was being used in the S2 bracket. At least my question has been answered. I will get a 3 light bracket and use a shoot thru or brolly box with two or three TT600's. I can use one light indoors with my soft box and hopefully I can do HSS outside with 2/3 TT600's.

The other thing you should be aware of the the S-Fa 4 light adapter. This only works with the original S-Type bracket not the S2 one.

As a bit of fun I used it to mount 4 AD200 heads using EC-200 Extension heads.

Looks like a great idea doesn't it? Well, it's not - it's a hateful thing that put the final nail in the coffin of ganged speedlights for me. It's a right faff to put together and very easy to drop things along the way, it weighs a ton with four speedlights, hard to handle and fragile, and very limited in terms of modifiers.

Then I got a couple of AD400Pros - dreams do come true

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