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Re: ** Gear / Photograph Forum ** - not sure but another idea

RBIV wrote:

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JeremieB wrote:

Mark Ransom wrote:

JeremieB wrote:

I tend to agree with other comments.

I liked (and still like) the idea, but in the end photos tend to be buried even deeper inside the weekly topic, than they are as topics themselves.

I would add that there are some recurrent photography topics already, so maybe there's no room for much more ...

What I find missing in a gear oriented forum like this, is a searchable bank of "sample" photos, but also from users, including RAW/jpeg, and without any edit, resize, sharpen, crop, DXO-ification, Topazification, etc. OOC RAWs that you can filter by camera, lens, etc.

For the "shutter shock" topics (and for many other use cases, like "is this lens REALLY good when photos are not scaled down to 1/4 and/or beautified by AI ?"), it could be really helpful IMHO.

Hardly any of my pictures would be good enough to post without some editing.

That might as well be the case for most of us but who knows ?

But the purpose would be to be fair and consider photos for what they are, untouched.

Yes it would be fair, and for purposes of evaluating equipment it could be extremely useful. But I would never participate. There are a lot of photographic problems that I simply don't worry about because they're so easy to fix in post, and I'd rather get the shot then spend too much time being a perfectionist.

Couldn't get close enough? Couldn't get the right composition in the frame? No problem, I'm going to crop anyway.

Underexposed? Brightening the picture is trivial.

Too blurry? Shrinking to web size and applying a tasteful amount of unsharp mask will do wonders.

Wrong white balance? Easy to fix with RAW, and I have software that even makes it possible with JPEG.

Well... technology people want unretouched RAW images to compare all the technical stuff they like.

And the imaging people just like to look at the final image on their computer screens, and several don't bother shooting RAW at all it seems. But they still present splendid images sometimes.

I'll side with you on this. If the thread is to post images, then they should not be RAW files. They should be images maximized for viewing on computer screens. Just my opinion...

I guess I had a bad idea

But it wouldn't be a specific thread, more a DPR forum feature: IF you upload RAW files, THEN they are added to the bank of samples and become searchable.

Saying that I realize how much this is out of topic here, so my apologies to the OP

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