Camera/lens for travel and daily use

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Camera/lens for travel and daily use

Recently, a popular online storage provider changed its policy to allow the storage of a total  of15GB of data, which prompted me to check the old photos. When I looked at the photos I had taken while traveling, I noticed that almost half of them were blurred and with high noise indoor and at night. Most of them are taken with Panasonic LF1 (a digital camera with 1/1.7" sensor and maximum f/2 aperture, weighing around 200g, 28-200mm equivalent) and the mobile phone (iPhone SE and a Huawei phone).

The cause is:

  • Insufficient shutter speed. Both the DC and the mobile phone tried to use a low ISO setting, which is lower than the safety shutter.
  • Small sensor size contains a lot of noise in low light conditions.

I usually go traveling with families in the hot summer. I then stay outside for about 12 hours and keep walking and walking. On one of the trips, I packed both the LF1 and another mirrorless camera NEX3N with a prime lens SEL16F28 (24mm equivalent, f/2.8, including the camera about 380g) into my luggage. In the end, however, only the LF1 and the mobile phone stay with me on the whole trip because of the load and the hot weather.

For the NEX3N, I have a VCL-ECU2 converter that can turn the SEL16F28 into an18mm equivalent. I have photographed some buildings with this converter when traveling.

I also have an entry-level Canon 1100D DSLR with three lenses (50mm f/1.8, 18-55mm, 55-250mm). With the 50mm lens mount on it, the DSLR weighs around 800g.

I would like to seek your advice about the camera/lens for travel. I would like the camera/lens can cover the range that today's smartphones do not do well enough (especially indoor and night scene, with consideration on focus accuracy, focus speed, and noise). I also want the camera/lens can be lightweight, which can easily bring with me into the weekend.

I have been trying to look into these options with a budget of $250 to buy the used equipment:

  • Maybe Fujifilm XF10 can fit my needs? It weighs around 300g and contains an APSC size sensor and F/2.8. However, the comments in the communities say that the AF does not work well in low light? It also seems to be just a replacement for my NEX3N and SEL16F28 with 100g less. I am not sure it is worth the extra cost with the uncertainty about the AF in XF10.
  • Maybe buy a SEL35F18 for the NEX3N? It makes the camera a 50mm equivalent (although it weighs about 450g including the camera). Maybe I will just take this camera for travel to ensure the photo quality in low light and take photos that the smartphone cannot cover well (My new smartphone also includes an ultra-wide-angle lens).
  • Maybe I should buy an RX100M4? It contains a 1-inch sensor and a maximum aperture of f/1.8, which can kill my LF1. It has a better EVF which seems to enable me to shoot better in bright sunlight. It also seems to offer a wider focal length range compared to the fixed focal length lens. However, I am not sure it will satisfy me as I also own the NEX3N and the RX100M4 is only 100g lighter than my NEX3N with the lens. I am also worried about how long the 1-inch sensor can keep up with the smartphone (which was the case with my LF1. The 1/1.7" was a sensor size that used to only be used on premium DCs. Some of the smartphones already include a 1/1.33" sensor.)
  • Maybe I should just stick with my NEX3N and SEL16F28?
  • Are there any other options?

Thanks for your advice.

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