Blurry film camera pictures

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Blurry film camera pictures

Hello everyone,

I'm 29 and have been taking pictures (digital) for about 15 years. I recently purchased from eBay a Nikon FE and a Nikon AI 50mm f/2.

I just received my scans from my first roll (Kodak GOLD 200) and i'm pretty disappointed in the output. Most of the picture are blurry / out of focus. I know it won't be as sharp as my Nikon D7100, but I was still expecting better.

the focus is on the window/green rug while I distinctly remember making it on the subject

Here I'm disappointed in the overall sharpness, perfect light, probably shot at f/8, speed was 1/1000 I believe. Could it be the scan quality?

similar story here: picture looks very soft. I was inside but lots of light and used f/2 so I dont believe the shutter speed was too low.

this one just looked completely out of focus too. I know it was a little before dusk so not really prime lighting but I shot at f/2 so speed should have been okay

I was wondering if anyone had any idea why the pictures turned out like that. I thought about a couple of things:

  1. I think for the first one the shutter speed was maybe a little low, but I've been shooting pictures for a long time, so I thought I'd do a better job. Maybe I press the shutter too hard?
  2. Is it possible that the lab who developed and scanned my pictures did a bad job? My gf recently got her film (from an Olympus point and shoot) developed at another shop, and they turned out pretty good and some even sharper than mine (the average picture size for me was 900 KB while hers were 8 MB).
  3. Do you think either the lens or the body could be defective? If this is a possibility, I want to return the products fast.
  4. I tried to verify if the shutter speeds on the Nikon FE are accurate (by comparing with my D7100) and it's pretty much spot on.

Sorry the pictures are far from great, I was trying to get through the roll to see if there would be any issues with the camera...

My first incursion in film photography is being very disappointing so far, so if you have any idea, suggestion, tip I'd really appreciate it.

Below is a link to a Google album with a few more pics.

Thank you!


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