Polaroid back for X-700 anyone interested?

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Re: Polaroid back for X-700 anyone interested?

RDMPhotos wrote:

neilt3 wrote:

RDMPhotos wrote:

neilt3 wrote:

Polaroid backs for Minolta 9000AF are sometimes to be found , I have one .

While it's not compatible with the X700 you could obtain one and use it for parts to graft onto an x700 back .


I take it you realise that the image is still only the same size as on 35mm film , and not magnified to fill the whole sheet of Polaroid ?

Hardly any use at all and was only used to check Exposure and lighting before loading a roll of film for a photo shoot .

I too agree with you about it hardly being useful, to have the 9000AF type back that produces a 24mm x 36mm image, which is the frame size of a 35mm negative.

However, if someone were to go through the trouble of grafting a polaroid back to an x700 camera back, I would do it using the Mikami Speed Magny 100-2 Polaroid Back for the Nikon F2, which is quite RARE. that would magnify the image to cover the whole polaroid print.

The 1st time I saw the back was 20 years ago while was searching on eBay and I thought about how nice it would be to have this for my cameras (x370 & x9) when I was using the school's studio (at My college, I was in the photography program). but I distinctly remember it costing just under $400 with shipping. That was too rich for me at the time. Now, after seeing this resurrected thread pop up, and remembering about this particular back, I did a quick search again and I see it selling for $1.5k on the auction site. WOW.... inflation is a b!tc#. This is it:

However, doing a Google search for this back Yeildded something new and very interesting. Wich may be a better option for ledeluge and others wanting the same capability. Its called the "Instant Magny 35" . Yes, it is expensive at about $255.50 USD, but way less than $1,500USD. However, once again they don't make it for a Minolta and one would have to do the grafting thing, but it would be very useful.

The one you link to is an interesting piece of kit .

Presumably extra exposure is needed to take care of the light loss in expanding the projected image , the prisms/mirrors used and any optics ?

At £205 it is a little bit tempting .

Actually, if I remember correctly, the answer to that extra exposure was taken care of by the fast Polaroid pack film. I recall a chart for what polaroid film to load, that corresponds with the neg. film ASA used.

That would make sense .

I wasn't aware that there was several speeds in a given format .

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