100% Crop of ISO 16,000

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Re: 100% Crop of ISO 16,000

lightandaprayer wrote:

Satyaa wrote:

Kudos to the Z50 (D7500, D500) sensor!

I had my doubts initially when D7500 went down 4MP from D7200. There were times in recent years where I have been impressed by the newer 26 and 32MP APS-C sensors and thought D7500 might be outdated. But...

The fact is, this sensor continues to be top notch and above all others. Whenever I see a photo where details are clean at 100%, I look up the EXIF info. More often than not, it turns out to be a D500/D7500!

The lenses are part of the equation too but most significantly it is the photographer's skill and experience. Someone with less experience cannot produce such results from the same camera.

Well done.

I've been wondering how a D500 or an FX DSLR compares with this output. . . Can anything equal it or even do better?

High ISO performance has never been very high on my must-have list but this thread has me intrigued me regarding the low-light performance of current Nikon models.

Another member, Tord Erikson, has posted a sample at even higher ISO from D7500 that is equally impressive, but this is not universally applicable.

I don't know what factors it depends on but when the situation is right these cameras can produce excellent results at high ISO.

The key to it may be knowing when the higher ISO will do well and when it won't. For example, in daylight (even if a bit low), you might be able to push the ISO to get higher than normal shutter speed. If it is relatively dark, you will be better off with a bounce flash. That's my point about the photographer's experience in my earlier comment.

Personally, I have never liked results over ISO 6400 on my D7200. I try to stay at/under 3200 most of the time and push it to 6400 in rare cases. Another factor is downsizing. If I shoot at 24MP on D7200 and then downsize to 4K (8.3MP) in PP, the noise reduces noticeably.

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