processing ground frames with light painting

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Re: processing ground frames with light painting

Tristimulus wrote:

knight427 wrote:

nighthiker wrote:

To be honest: It's just looking fake. And this is an astro forum. The friends of light-pollution met elsewhere.

Like I said, the light painting was a fallback to hedge against other challenges. Appreciate the opinion, but I give my condolences to those who suffer your self-righteousness IRL.

Well - who is the light polluter...

Who has the responsibility?

1) This is not a dark sky park, nor does it have any other designation for artificial lighting. This is located in a town, there are street lights and property lights nearby. Luckily they are far enough away in combination with the trees and deep cut river to not interfere. Based on light pollution maps in planning, I was expecting far worse.

2) Taken from a bridge, cars were the primary limiting factor in achieving a long enough exposure to capture the foreground. In addition to shaking the narrow bridge, they tend to cast light all over the scene in problematic ways. Perhaps you should be contacting local authorities to shut down those light polluters? Or is your outrage towards artificial lighting limited to the convenience of babbling uselessly at folks on line?

Really, it's laughable to see some of you pretend light paining is some sort of sin. Grow up, you all cast artificial illumination every time you drive at night or have your house lights on. The amount of light pollution spilled to create this photo is an immeasurably tiny fraction of what you and I spill every night of our lives. The hypocrisy is unbelievable, as if you all are a hermits who live in caves and who never spew the landscape with car headlights driving out to your favorite dark sky locations.

I respect dark sky limitations on artificial lighting, but that doesn't apply here. If you actually care about light pollution management, work with your town/city to address light pollution from fixed light sources through passive and active controls and proper design. Or you know, take meaningless pot shots at other photographers on line b/c then you don't have to actually do anything meaningful about it.

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