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Klaus dk wrote:

I came late to this party, but would just remind you, that there's an extra wide-angle diffusion lens that can be pulled out and flipped over the fresnel to give extra wide distribution, like 17mm mm FF eq. This can be useful in some modifiers like umbrellas.

Yes.  On my speedlite it says this diffusion panel expands the coverage to 14mm.

But it doesn't say if this is a coverage width matching a 14mm FOV on a FF camera or 14mm on my crop sensor Nikon.  If it is equivalent to 14mm full frame, that would be equivalent to a spread of light matching a 9.3mm lens on my camera.  It seems logical to me that a fixed diffusion panel would spread the light a fixed amount irrespective of the camera it was associated with.  Consequently, these speedlite statistics must relate to a field of view reference to a single focal length standard.  And that is most likely full frame.

It was this logic that led me to discount any replies to my question that suggested the field of view coverage for any particular speedlite Zoom setting might be automatically adjusted to be compatible with the camera to which it was mounted.  An interpretation assuming non-adjustability becomes even more logical when you realize that the speedlite might not even be mounted to a camera, but used remotely.

It just seemed strange that the user manual for a product as popular as a Godox would not be more specific about what the published statistics mean if there was a possibility it could be misinterpreted by different users.

This thread has been helpful to my thinking in another respect.  Because I most often use it for bounce flash and not aimed directly at the subject, I now realize it may be less less important that I select a Zoom setting matching the lens I am using,  The bounce surface itself will act as a light spreading component.  In fact, someone pointed out that the narrower the Zoom setting, the more intense will be the light hitting my bounce surface at any particular power output.  So there might be some battery-saving advantage to a Zoom setting slightly narrower than the FOV of my lens.

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