What happened to the FA 21 Limited?

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Re: What happened to the FA 21 Limited?

RBIV wrote:

Phil A Martin wrote:

miles green wrote:

Phil A Martin wrote:

dbuss wrote:

I am Pentax newbie, what lenses make up the "Three Amigos"?

21, 31 plus the 70 or 77 ltd lenses.

Nope: SMC Pentax-FA 31/1.8, 43/1.9 and 77/1.8

Ah well, whatever but you'll note my "?" mark to indicate uncertainty. I'm not sure why you deleted it but it's made your comment look as though you were correcting my incorrect statement of fact, instead of my question.

Now we have the HD PENTAX-FA versions.

I can see where this can lead to confusion for those who haven't followed Pentax over the years.

While I admit FA versions render a very nice image, they are not my three amigos, I prefer the DA Ltds designed for APS-C due to the smaller size.

But for FF, yes, then they'd be my amigos too.

It just slipped my mind because I have the 21, 43 and 70 plus the 20-40.

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