Sony a7III vs a7c

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I am down to choosing between these two cameras after way too much research. Right now they are almost the same price and both have things that fit my needs. I am worried about seeing issues with the shutter on the a7III and possible issues with the external mic jack. I will at times be using this for video and audio which is why the mic jack part is a concern. The a7c looks like a good choice although it only has 1 card slot and the small evf. Anyone have experience with both that could comment on the shutter and mic issues or recommendations. Any advice is appreciated.

I have the A7III and it has two flaws that, for me, are very difficult to work around: the focus point is gray, making it very hard to see, and the screen can't flip out to the side.

I recently got the A7C and, so far, it's excellent. I was concerned about the size of the grip and the EVF, but they're fine.

The first one is an easy fix. Assign the center button to Focus Settings and it becomes a bright orange box instead of grey. You can move it around via the joystick or center wheel. The trashcan icon recenters.

The second one is cannot be changed. If you vlog then this would be problematic, but for me, I often shoot from the hip while doing discreet street photography which makes the quick flip-out very useful. Also useful in crowds such as a concert where you need to shoot above your head. This one is a preference choice that should be interesting to see if they keep it when the A7iv eventually makes an appearance.

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