Any owners of the M5 and Sigma 100-400 (Specifically)

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Re: Any owners of the M5 and Sigma 100-400 (Specifically)

J Peters wrote:

If there is anyone out there with this specific combination, please could you measure the length from the extreme tip of the lens with lens cap but without hood, to the back of the camera's EVF (since this protrudes). I'm after the total depth of the lens, adaptor and camera so I can start looking at holsters/bags ahead of getting the lens, which may not be for a while (I'm aiming to use the holster in the meantime for other combinations of kit and don't want to buy twice). Many thanks.

Also how do you find this combo? I've been looking previously at the 150-600mm but decided it's so big I'd end up leaving it at home I think.

I have that combination. I measured the total length of the Sigma 100-400mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM C lens (with Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS M) to the back of the EVF, and the result was pretty much exactly 10 9/16" inches. The result might be very slightly different if you're using a third-party EF-EOS M adapter.

I haven't used the Sigma 100-400 much with the M5. Not long after I bought that lens, I bought an M6 Mark II, and that's the camera I've used the lens with the most. The lens seems to work fine with both cameras; as I expected, the auto-focus is faster with the M6 Mark II, but's it's also acceptable with the M5.

I also own the 150-600 (the C version). That's a bit of a beast when attached to the M5 or M6, but it works. The reason I bought the 100-400 was to have a lens that provided some "reach" without my feeling the need to do upper-body-strength workouts just to carry it around. Nowadays I mostly use the 150-600 on a tripod.


P.S. I needed to edit my post because I measured the length incorrectly the first time. The 10 9/16" length is for the lens fully retracted and locked.

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