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Re: Nikon Zfc - what we know so far

John Gellings wrote:

Satyaa wrote:

If this RUMORED DX body is what Nikon releases to attract APS-C shooters, clearly targeted at Fuji X, it will be a failure. Something like this would be a distraction of resources that could be utilized for releasing some lenses - even APS-C lenses!

Do you work for Nikon? If not, what expertise do you have?

I did not say or imply that. I am speaking as a customer waiting for lenses of my choice before I buy into the Z system.

In my opinion, Nikon will attract far more APS-C shooters by releasing a D500 like Z body (in performance, not size/weight) and the long tele zooms that are on the roadmap.

Because why?

Because of the comments in Z forum from people looking for D500 replacement in Z. Comments from people waiting for the 200-600. Etc.

Is Nikon looking for lo-volume, hi-price, collector items or volume sales? I own and rarely use a film F3HP body but that's not what I am looking for in a Z body. about others?

I did not discount anyone. They can express their interest in this model.

Let's see what the announcement on the 28th brings.



Edit: Not sure why you think it's a you vs. me debate. It is my "opinion" about a camera system I want to buy into. All I was trying to imply - saying it now - is that this type of move will not give me confidence in the company's strategy.

Again, IN MY OPINON, a body does not make an APS-C system. Fuji is successful mostly because of the lenses. Nikon does not have anything close to those APS-C lenses. Forget the new Z system. They did not have APS-C lenses matching Fuji even in the DSLR world. That is what drives my lack of confidence.

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