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Re: speedlite question

OP here:

I hate it when people post a question and never return to their own thread.  So here is a thank you to most of you who have responded.  Moderator Ellis Venner seemed particularly confident in his response which I am going to assume is correct in large part  because it seems most logical to me.

I did not return to my thread earlier because none of the responses needed follow-up and no one was able to guide me to definitive language in the Godox user manual.  I apologize for being deficient in failing to mention the brand of my speedlite in the original post.  But I did so in my response to the first person who replied (which was probably missed by the many folks who post on DPR without bothering to read what was posted previously -- another pet peeve of mine.)

One response was accurate with respect to the facts it included, but was curiously non responsive to my specific question and the facts stated, while valid, were irrelevant to the purpose of my question.  I was not surprised that this particular respondent has been a member of DPR for sixty-three fewer years than I have been a photographer.

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