CZJ Black Biotar 5,8cm f2 M42

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Re: CZJ Black Biotar 5,8cm f2 M42

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Well done Tom.

Is this the lens that the Helios-44 copied? It has been said that the Russian version in time improved the breed but a CZJ version must have also been a later Biotar version from the Carl Zeiss firm.

I think there are some forum members that may know for real. I read the original was much a copy, then they evolved it and it became its own thing. I have a 44-2 and a 44-M7. The 44-2 may  need CLA, it is low contrast and doesn't resolve high. My Biotar is better, but the colors are very different, and seems like a completely different lens. And the 44-M7 is a contrast beast in the center, high contrast and punchy, but doesn't have the corners of the Biotar. The Pancolar, while not the same exactly, is pretty much the same scheme, and also renders a bit different, but I feel is much closer to the Biotar. Judging from the copies I have and known sample variety, and given Helios is a long lived line, I think the better answer is by a historian!

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