A couple of silly issues with the Nikon P950

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Re: A couple of silly issues with the Nikon P950

Thank you. I'm not sure which issue you are replying to. I'm assuming the snapbridge issue.

I do have the Bluetooth remote and I use it frequently. I was wanting to use snapbridge to control the video recording when monitoring a hummingbird nest. I put the camera on a tripod at least 5 meters from the nest. I then walk away from the nest so I don't disturb the birds behaviour. With the Bluetooth remote I must be close enough to see the screen on the camera. With snapbridge I could be up to another 30 feet away. You cannot use snapbridge and the Bluetooth remote at the same time. You must choose one or the other.

You are probably not replying to the field monitor issue as the point was Nikon intentionally disables the Bluetooth remote when you attach anything to the HDMI port.

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