Z6II at the stock pond

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Z6II at the stock pond

Went down and sat by a stock pond a couple of times this weekend.  Wanted to try and get a shot of a Bullbat(common nighthawk) getting a drink of water while in flight.  Had two opportunities and missed on both.  A little out of practice as I haven't shot wildlife in over a month.

Anyway I put the Z6II to the test and tried several different AF settings.  I also took the D500 with me for  some comparison.    Now for results on that day.

First of all I think the AF settings are more about specific conditions than the type of photography.   My D500 has always been kept in dynamic area mode of some type for shooting BIG or other action.   I have used group but I tend to like the 25 point the best.  I also like being able to push the preview button while holding the AFOn. BBAF to go to single point AF.

Also photographed a spray plane.  Tried both dynamic and Wide S and both worked very well on the spray plane.  Wide S and Wide L both worked great.

Some of my findings,

1.  Dynamic Area AF works better on BIF when there is a background like the trees and water.  It also seemed to be the fastest to lock on and track.

2.  Wide S and Wide L both worked very well when there was very little or no background and works great when you have a sky background.

3.  I also tried using all the AF points and half of the AF points.  AF seems to work better for me when half of the focus points are turned off.

4. The animal eyefocus did not work well at all.   I even tried to use it with a frog who had his head out of the water.  Most of the birds are too small and with eye AF it seems you need to fill the frame for it too work.

5.  I sure miss being able to hit the pre button and having the AF go to single point for static shots.

What results are yall using for Wild Life.

Ferrel hog sowed up by the stock pond.  Had it set on eye af as I was trying to shoot the frog. in eye AF.  Went to manual AF to get this shot.

got this shot on manual AF as camera would not focus on frog in AF Wde F   The Dyoo nailed it.

roadrunner get the bug.  i was using AF Wide S.


Wide S

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