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Pro Camera Turned Amateur!

dirtyblueheeler wrote:

Yes, I know this is my first post, but I couldn't take it any longer. I have to say this:

I was a D850 shooter.

Sold D850 and Nikon gear.

Switched to EOS R5. loved everything other than the color science and Dynamic Range.

Sold Canon gear and replaced it with all Z gear.

Currently shooting Z7II with mainly all the 1.8 primes.

I'm not a pro photography. I simply love to shoot but do not make a living doing it. That said, this is a post aimed at the foundation of what the real problem is with Nikon and is really making shooting not near as fun anymore for me.

Here's the deal guys... The real truth... Nikon has the best sensor. The image quality at the end of the day is the best. Those who disagree with that, likely have been Canon or Sony shooters for so long, their photography has adapted to that system and science, etc... and so their argument will always be "it's just a personal preference da da da" and that, of course, is true, but that's also an argument no-one can combat, so really it is a way for them to just "not be wrong."

But here is the problem, IMO...

Nikon has focused on image quality for so long, they have severely lagged in ergonomic innovation. STOP trying to re-invent the wheel! Deep down everyone knows they have the best image quality, but that doesn't matter anymore!

Here is what matters and what the Z9 must have!

Fully articulating screen.

  • I mean this is a no-brainer. booo whoo, if everyone will say you copied Canon, it's just something that works better in the field! period, end of discussion.


  • Holy sh*t already. Just get it together and at least have it the same as the R5. The technology clearly already is there, so just do it! Once you have used it on the R5 it's impossible to have anything else.

Back Thumb Focus (or whatever the hell you call it)

  • I want to be able to place my thumb on the back of the screen, to move the focus point to the subject if the autofocus needs help. Again, simple technology. Just do it.

"Search" option in the menu

  • This should have been done years ago. I have so much time trying to figure out where the hell some stupid setting is that I might have forgotten to put in my "custom menu" and by the time I find it, I'm so distracted and frustrated, that it's no longer fun.

No built-in vertical grip option.

  • Say Nikon does the things listed above with the Z9, now I have to chunk out $6k+ in order to have them along with a bulky, bigger, heavier, vertical battery grip? stupid. That's awesome for those who like it, but they need to offer a Z8 that comes without it and for $1k less. or whatever!

The most frustrating part of the entire post is these things already exist!

I love Nikon. I really do. But I will be switching to Canon once and for all if they can't deliver the most basic fundamental ergonomical functions. It simply just doesn't make sense to keep investing in Nikon and all the lenses if they are not willing to meet what already exists.

Hi Dirty -

Not one of your "must haves" is important to me.  What I want is extreme ruggedness, weather sealing, long battery life, and superb Nikon images.  Have you ever seen how PJ's (news, sports...) treat their cameras?  They throw them in the trunk, shove them under car seats, constantly bang them against other bodies, knock them against solid objects...  Hardly the place for the screen you think should be there.

No camera body is going to do everything you think it should!  You need to study and learn the camera's system and how to get it to do what you want it to.

Really you seem to want to make a PRO camera into a rank amateur camera.

Stay safe - Dan

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It is a poor workman who blames his tools.

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