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mbike999 wrote:

Dreamer2021 wrote:

I’m a cancer survivor and chemo has messed with my brain. I don’t process info like I use to, so trying to find a camera has been a challenge for me. After reading reviews, I still don’t know what would be a good camera for me. Here’s what I need. A camera that is easy to use, has great autofocus and sharp images. One that I can grow into. I’m hoping as I use the camera, I will be able to learn all it has to offer. I don’t want a point and shoot camera. My images will be the grandkids, landscapes (heading to the beach next month), animals (I have a pit bull and lots of deer in my backyard), my quilts and flowers. So I guess I need to know what lens I need too.

This is a couple of cameras I was considering. If these aren’t a good match for me, then let me know what would be a better fit for me. Thanks!

  • Sony A7C
  • Nikon Z6
  • Canon EOS RP

First of all, I am sorry to hear about your health experience, and I hope you are making a swift recovery.

Thanks. I am now cancer free thankfully, but the chemo messed with my cognitive skills. Something complex will not work for me.

All of the cameras you mentioned are a solid choices. All are going to take great images, and I think I could recommend any of them.

As for the menu/user interface, Canon and Nikon are pretty well regarded as having the best touch interfaces and menus. Everyone is different, but I personally wouldn't worry so much about the menus. I spend a few hours in the menus when I first buy the camera, but then after that, I rarely ever use the menus unless I'm formatting a memory card. I also don't use the touchscreen the way some others like to.

Personally, out of all those, I actually find the Sony the most stress-free to use - only once it's set up the way I like it. This is because Sony has, in my opinion, the best implementation of focus tracking out of any of those cameras (real-time focus tracking). Canon is a second runner up followed by Nikon, in my opinion.

Stress free is definitely what I want. I get so frustrated when I can’t figure something out now.

Long story short, you can leave the Sony in real-time focus tracking mode 95% of the time for all kinds of photography, and it just works beautifully and reliably. If you are willing to go APS-C, I would consider the A6600 and the 16-55 F/2.8 and 70-350 G lenses. It's a fantastically compact kit and a bargain right now when you consider what you're getting for the money. It also has a larger viewfinder than the A7C which is too small IMO.

Best of luck

I will check the A6600 out. Thanks.

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