What happened to the FA 21 Limited?

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Re: What happened to the FA 21 Limited?

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I am not in the market for one but I am happy to see it says weather resistant finally Pentax might start making all of its small primes weather resistant.

I’m not in the market for this either, but I hope for those that are, that it arrives soon.

it’s not like the Pentax lineup is lacking in small wide angle prime lenses, but I hope that Ricoh are on the ball with bringing out some lens types that Sigma / Tamron make for brands other than Pentax, and that Pentax doesn’t (yet) make for K-mount.

Same here, I've no interest in a 21mm for full frame but this new lens would be too much glass for APSc. I'd rather stick with my exist 21mm ltd but what I wish Pentax would release, is a 28mm WR lens. As a 43mm equivalent on APSc and obviously a useful wide for full frame.

+1 on the "too much glass" comment.

A minority opinion perhaps, but I hope hope hope hope Pentax continues with a series of *small* well built optics designed for APS-C format. (Release of the K3iii gives me hope, sort of).

I fear they will go to a one lens FF format, and while quality may in fact be better when mounted on APS-C, the size will no doubt be larger than what I'd want. Given only larger lenses, I'd move to FF, and if I did that it wouldn't be Pentax. It would probably be Leica or mirrorless.

Well built primes, yes .. but they don't have to be ultra small. I think that for example 15/4 should have been bigger to get bit wider aperture and better corners. The same is true for 21/3.2. Not very fast or sharp. But if this new FF limited is sharp and at least 2.4 .. then I'll for sure buy it.

It's gotta fit in my pocket, and that's difficult for a FF lens.   I can't be looking like David Byrne (Stop Making Sense) wearing a BIG SHAGGY suit with giant pockets.  That won't work as I wander around...   

As I said,  probably a minority opinion, but Pentax is the only company making small APS-C primes in the 15 to 70mm range that couple to decent small OVF cameras,  so I worry.

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