Another flight that I had so much fun!

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Re: Another flight that I had so much fun!

I started this kind of flying in Oct 26, 2019. You can see my very first acro flight.

There are 3 types of flying with this type of drone. I started acro mode day 1 I started this hobby. Acro allows you to do acrobatic moves like on my video. You can see explanation of 3 different flying modes here -

For your question, you'll be able to cruise the quad/drone(no acrobatic moves) I guess in 2 months. I would highly recommend to start first with a simulator. That's how we learned it. Few of the famous simulators are LiftOff and Velocidrone. I used it like 30 hours before I did the real first flight, my youtube link above. But if you watch it, even after 30 hours of playing LiftOff, I still crashed so many times. I still crash today due to acrobatic moves I do.

For drone build, you can find tons of inspirations at

So again, start with LiftOff simulator. It's an app or game in Steam. You will need a radio controller. You don't need a drone at this time. There are different radio controllers like Taranis, JumperT16 and newer, Tango, etc. Mine is Jumper T16.

I've been flying these drone like 3x a week because I really want to learn the acrobatic moves. It's very difficult to execute. You will break many parts of the drone before you can become successful at one. Sometimes, you won't break it.

Anyways, I've been flying fpv in acro mode for 1.5 years now. It will be 2 years in October.

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