processing ground frames with light painting

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Alen K
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Re: processing ground frames with light painting

nighthiker wrote:

To be honest: It's just looking fake. And this is an astro forum. The friends of light-pollution met elsewhere.

A bit harsh. Yes, it looks fake but that is almost inevitable with light painting.

As for the OP's assertion that it (presumably meaning the foreground) is flat, I think it is anything but. The sharp shadows on the mill that are being cast by the trees and the darkness of the trees beyond the mill ensure a three-dimensional look. But those shadows in particular are actually a problem and help lead to the perception of the whole thing being fake. Personally, I would clone out those shadows and substantially lower the brightness of the foreground to try to make it seem more as if the only light source was the sky itself.

As for the perspective correction, it looks basically okay to my eyes.

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