Nikon 500 PF - Wonderful lens, worth every penny

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Re: Nikon 500 PF - Wonderful lens, worth every penny

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The lens was a substantial purchase for me but after using it for months, I felt the value was better than I expected. It sits between the cheaper zoomz in the $1000 range, and the $10,000 500mm f/4. In my experience it's a lot closer in every way to the $10,000 f/4 plus you have the weight/size savings. Everyone knows that lenses reach a point where you pay a lot more for smaller and smaller gains, and I found this lens to sit in a very good spot where you still gain a lot over anything less expensive, and you'd have to pay a lot more for modest gains in some areas and still trade off the portability. Anyway, it's not a trivial purchase but I agree it's worth every penny.

Full agree with your remarks on the 500PF....... It's a brilliant, weight/size saving lens!

IMO, I don't believe the optical gain and extra stop of light is worth spending the extra 5-6k on...

I'll never sell mine, along with my 300mm PF , TC 1.4 and D850 and D500 I have effective focal range from 300mm to just over 1000mm.... Anywhere in between this range they can't, my feet can...

The Nikon 500mm f5.6 is 3.5 lbs lighter than the Nikon 500mm f4.0 e lens, not the 5 lbs mentioned. The one stop difference means everything to me since I shoot in adverse weather at times and tend to get some of my best wildlife images in this type of weather and light conditions. I have found a cloudy day with no shadows is some of the best weather for excellent images. Also I use the tc 1.4eIII on my Nikon 500mm f4.0e lens most the time for shooting birds in the wild which does not slow down the af only slightly. I find the images from my 500 is really hard to beat with an f5.6 lens.

3.5 or 5 - Still more weight to add the the justification if one was looking to 'go light' or ' go lighter' in their setup

I do agree with light, 5.6 wont offer me that extra stop of light like the f4 - But for me, I've not run into to many times where ive struggled not having enought light - But like you say some of the best shots can be hard in the overcast momennts.

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