Special Video Capabilities of iPads and Tablets

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Special Video Capabilities of iPads and Tablets

I have never owned a tablet and the grand kids aren't talking.

I am eventually interested in the video capabilities of tablets and iPads for various applications of showing tennis strokes at the courts. WiFi?

For both tablets and iPads

1) Is there a way to view a Youtube if no WiFi is available at the tennis courts? Download from YT? No downloading from YT?

2) Do some iPads or tablets have high speed video recording?

3) If I had WiFi available, could I view Youtubes and would a single frame advance capability be somehow available? (To single frame a Youtube on a computer, use the period & arrow keys.)

4) On a laptop, you can open two windows and view two different websites. Can you open two websites on a tablet/iPad with WiFi?

5) Can one window display what the tablet/iPad camera views and another window show a Youtube? ....show a video from an SD card?

6) For a video on an SD card, can split screen be used? Is there any way to single frame the video? Say one half screen the video camera of the tablet and the other, a video on an SD card.

7) Better to apply a small laptop for its greater capabilities?


Is there a way to single frame a Youtube viewed on a smartphone?

Chas Tennis

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