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Re: Need help with camera choice

rich_cx139 wrote:

Well you can’t go wrong with any of these systems.

Sony has more lens options having been in the game longer

Canon - I just don’t know except their mirrorless are gaining a strong following.

Nikon - again new to the MILC full frame game though there is/was their Nikon 1 1 inch system.

I have used the A7, olympus and Panasonic m43 as well as Nikon 1 and DSLR’s Difficult to remove personal bias but I do like my Z6 with the f4 “walk around” lenses- the 14-30 and the 24-70, along with a 70-300 afp via the FTZ adapter - very competent and compact. I prefer Nikon menus and it’s ergonomics to the small set of other MILCs that I have tried.

On the other hand, AF for moving subjects is said to be better on at least some of the Canon and Nikon have yet to sort out both tracking and eye AF as well as Sony/Canon. No doubt Nikon will do so within the next few years.

Maybe have a look at what lenses you may want in each system. My sense is that Nikon is building both a moderately priced set with good quality optics and performance as well as the higher end f2.8 zooms and the f1.8 and f1.2 primes ( well just one so far ). Their 50/1.8 is the best “50” I have used.

No doubt many others will chip in with their experiences ( several ) of these systems

Good luck with your camera quest


ps you mentioned only full frame mirrorless cameras and I can understand that, for growing into a system, that is a good way to go. There are, of course, many other options eg m43 and apsc - fujifilm. For good, capable, apsc dslr’s, something like the Canon 250D or the Nikon D5600 might fit your needs.

I’ve had Nikons in the past, so I’m partial to the z6. I will check out the others you mentioned. Thanks.

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