What happened to the FA 21 Limited?

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Phil A Martin
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Re: What happened to the FA 21 Limited?

PentUp wrote:

jamesm007 wrote:

I am not in the market for one but I am happy to see it says weather resistant finally Pentax might start making all of its small primes weather resistant.

I’m not in the market for this either, but I hope for those that are, that it arrives soon.

it’s not like the Pentax lineup is lacking in small wide angle prime lenses, but I hope that Ricoh are on the ball with bringing out some lens types that Sigma / Tamron make for brands other than Pentax, and that Pentax doesn’t (yet) make for K-mount.

Same here, I've no interest in a 21mm for full frame but this new lens would be too much glass for APSc. I'd rather stick with my exist 21mm ltd but what I wish Pentax would release, is a 28mm WR lens. As a 43mm equivalent on APSc and obviously a useful wide for full frame.

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