The E-P7 is a camera I asked Olympus/OMD to do

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Re: The E-P7 is a camera I asked Olympus/OMD to do

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Agree. If I didn't already have a PEN-F and a GM1, I'd be one of the first in line. But as it stands today, I have no plan to replace either PEN-F or GM1 with a E-P7.

It does seem to me the Pen F and GM are beloved by those who see these cameras as mini me extra to their higher end kit. The specifications are limited and outdated even though top notch in their day but then who cares with other stuff to handle it.

Pity in a way this new camera has to run the gauntlet of this approach with it being for some possibly a sole camera which should be judged in its own right and what can be done today.

This Pen F and GM retro sentimental slush which is overwhelming at the moment is becoming a pretty negative and not particularly useful part of the forum when talking about current equipment in these very different environments.

The Pen F and GM have gone for good. Everyone really needs to get over it.

Sentimental or not, my Pen-F and the bunch of GM's still work. And I seriously expect they will serve me well for another 5 years.

Why do you think these are exactly the 3 cameras with by far the best value retention in the system? Because they are sought after. And why are they so sought after? Think about it.

Both cameras are no longer made, and were built very well, which probably contributes to the higher resale value.

The more important question is, why were both models discontinued... Because people were not willing to pay for it.

Either a cheaper penf or gm would come out, with less premium build some better/features, or both would retain premium build and updated specs, but cost more.

I'm not confident the MFT community would support either version.

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