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Re: Mini Challenge #632: Motorsports EXHIBITS

RJake1 wrote:

Alwyn, your Rx10 photos are super clear and extra sharp. Just wondering if you did a lot of PP? Were the weather / lighting conditions perfect that day - no humidity, etc? Nicely done!

Thanks for the kind words. The images were taken on two different Historic Racing events at two different tracks:

*  Images 2 and 3 were taken at Mission Raceway near Vancouver, Canada in August 2018. This was a reasonably nice day but not particularly clear and bright at all.

*  The rest were taken at Pacific International Raceway, Kent, WA, in April 2019. This day started very gloomy and drizzly. The poor light was exacerbated by the fact that large parts of the track is in among heavy forest.

In terms of settings for the photographs: similar to aircraft, I try to use a shutter speed of no more than 1/250th for race cars. This is to not freeze the propellors, turning wheels and the background to give a sense of speed. This presents a bit of a challenge as you have to get your panning just right, otherwise you end up with blurred subjects. For this reason the settings for for instance the first image of the silver Shelby Daytona Coupe was at 1/100th, f7.1 and ISO80. I was pleasantly surprised how well it came out.

The brighter conditions and some head-on shots (no need to show spinning wheels) at Mission allowed me to use higher shutter speeds.

PP: all of these shots were JPGs as they were taken before I switched to using RAW. And all were processed to some extent. Typically I would adjust lighting, contrast and saturation. I normally also added a touch of sharpening but really nothing radical. As regards sharpening: I use the Unsharp mask (counter intuitive that...) in Fastone Image Viewer for editing. Typical sharpening settings are 10 (on a scale of 0 to 100 in Faststone) at 1mm. This is a pretty mild adjustment in terms of sharpening: I find the RX10 images are generally just very nice and sharp OOC.

The most heavily processed image was the previously mentioned silver Daytona and then also the red Ford Falcon (quite a lot more contrast and saturation than normal). Because I edited the original JPGs I unfortunately do not have original OOC images to show for comparison purposes.

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