Nikon z 24-200 buy it or not?

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D850+24-120 vs Z5+24-200 (ignore duplicate)

incoherent1 wrote:

I am interested in this thread from the perspective of a D810 user contemplating going to Z7. I truly do like my 24-120 f4 on the D810; it's sharp enough, I'm no a wide angle guy (24mm is wide enough), weight is not too bad, 70mm of 28-70 is just too limited on the long end, all in all its compromises are right for a walk around lens. If I go to Z7, the 24-200 would be the logical choice as the counterpart.

Given that peamble babble, I am interested in the experiences of actual users (not speculaters) who used the 24-120 on DSLR and the 24-200 on mirrorless.

I use the 24-120 on the D850 (and the D800 before that). I like it a lot. It never really disappoints me. The resolution is way short of my 50mm and 85mm primes but it's enough. I use it for models and landscapes in particular.

However I always stop the 24-120 down to f6.3 or smaller apertures. I find that at f4 there is light falloff in the corners of the image and overall it's just not quite sharp enough at f4

With the 24-200 on the Z5 - I just use it at whatever aperture the camera sets. It's not quite as sharp as the 24-120 on the D850 (I know this is comparing a 24Mpix image with a 46Mpix image). However the images still look great.

I would use the 24-200 on a Z7 without hesitation. However I'm really waiting for the 24-105Z which should give me at least one extra stop of light if I can use it at maximum aperture

Note that I shoot RAW developed in DXO. I find that the DXO lens profiles do a great job in making lenses perform wonderfully.

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