Possibly of interest re: DP2M color

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Re: Possibly of interest re: DP2M color

xpatUSA wrote:

allineedislight wrote:

Regarding DP2M colour, I found this most most helpful:


Specifically, I am now this trick with doing the monochrome first, then adding back the colour, this way you get a really nice, sharp and detail image without any of the default "grittyness" associated with Merrill standard processing.

Thanks for the links. From this one, I also liked:

"Unfortunately, all the described options are gone with the Quattro generation."

what I find a bit counterintuitive is that the chroma noise reduction induces the grittyness rather than taking it away. But it really seems to be the case!

I am also wondering about the default chroma noise reduction in the older pre-Merrill sensors (for F13 I believe it kicks in only from ISO 400, whereas for Merrill it is active from ISO 100, at least by default, but luckily can be turned off)

Also I find intriguing that the monochromes are so much cleaner! In effect it seems Foveon chips are really b&w sensors with colour filled back in

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