New "Retro" body is Corporate Counter intelligence to fool the competition

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Re: Overlayed with Z 50 – looks almost identical

nflanders2 wrote:

I took another attempt to compare the leaked photo with an existing Z camera. Since it should be a DX camera, comparing it with the Z 50 seems to be obvious.

Now, this overlay seems to be almost realistic:

Z 50 with the leaked photo

Some things to consider:

  • Body depth and width seems to be almost identical (of course we don't know the left side)
  • Focal plane seems to match
  • Viewfinder protrusion seems to be almost the same

This is crazy. I had never expected that the similarities are so obvious. Right now I would say that this is 80% legit and we will get to see this retro-style camera.

It is still unclear, why Nikon thinks this is a good strategy, and I think we will have to wait some more weeks.

BTW, Nikon never released a Z product on a Monday. I think it is more realistic that the 31st June will be the launch date.

If anything, this makes me think even  more that that picture is a photoshopped Z50.

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