Your opinion of the X-H2: What will be its main competition?

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Truman Prevatt wrote:

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Truman Prevatt wrote:

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viska wrote:

The differentiation will be the form factor, like it is now.

Dslr size, highest level weather sealing.

T series will be close in specs but just smaller, a little brother dual carder.

Pro series with OVF makes up the top 3

The little sister one carders...E...S and maybe double numbered if the S hasn't replaced it?

Perhaps the Bayered sensored models are finished???

Fuji has stated that form factor is not enough to differentiate the lines:

"Fujifilm X-H2

  • Fujifilm continues to “investigate future X-H cameras”
  • X-T and X-H are two clearly different lines. What is the difference? “Difficult to say now; we need some sort of the breakthrough, probably.”
  • it’s not enough for the X-H2 to be an X-T4 with bigger grip, “we have to have something more revolutionary.”
  • X-H2 is where new technology will enter the product line"

The source is from FujiRumors from Sept 2020, referencing an interview with Fuji managers:

X-H2 must be revolutionary

I remember reading that interview. That is interesting since up till now Fuji has used a strategy of developing a sensor/processor combo and implementing it in cameras mostly. That gets them an economy of scale they could not otherwise get. So if the follow this on the next generation - in theory given the same H/W it would be difficult to differentiate between the XH and XT except form factor as the XT owners would be on here whining about F/W updates to give them the same features as the XH.

One options for the H2 might be dual processors to support better AF and AF tracking. A better damped shutter. But with out some H/W difference - it will be difficult to see how there is a significant differentiation. We will know soon since 2021 is almost half over.

When the X-T3 was released, the outcry and debates were endless (;-)) on this forum, so at least this time it sounds like Fuji truly will be positioning the X-H2 as their "real" flagship camera, debuting "new technology" for the product line. This likely means new sensor/processor combo for the next gen cameras, but as you say, how else will the X-Hx line be differentiated enough to justify its existence? I think it's plausible that the X-Tx and X-Txx lines will consolidate into one line, with some, but not all, of the capabilities of the X-H line, and with a lower price point than the X-T4.

In the past I have been skeptical of the continuance of the X-H line, since I do think it will be difficult for Fuji to create a larger market for it, alongside its historical success with the X-T lines. I will not be surprised if the X-T lines get "dumbed down" in some way, thus making the X-H2 the only high-performance option in Fuji's line up, and in so doing, justifying a premium price tag for it. And yes, the AF, processing power, and (in my opinion) in-camera processing features all need to be significantly improved and increased.

Reading tea leaves has never been all that productive. But given it is really hot and muggy outside there is not much else to do. I think you are right - it might not be the XH line that "disappears" it will be the XT line. Most likely with a merger of the XTxx and XTx into one line with a camera smaller than the current XT4 but larger than the XTxx. I think Fuji has too many different lines and with introduction of the S line - that is one more.

So maybe XH line and the XPro line differentiated by body style and an OVF - one a for professional use and the other for knocking around on the street. The XH heavy on video, sports, wildlife, etc. The XPro optimized for use of "normalize" prime lenses. Those are the flagships. Then the XT with the current video specs in maybe a smaller body than the XT4 as maybe the S10 IBIS could be fitted in an XT2 or XT3 form factor. The S10 and XE as entry level.

I am sure there will be some XT users not all that happy with it. But if the XT5 has the new sensor and AF improvements - even if it doesn't have all the video capabilities of the H2 - maybe in a XT2 or XT3 form factor at a few dollars less than the XH I would think they would not be too unhappy.

But all this remains to be seen.

One thing is for sure: it will never be everything we want it to be 😁🤷🏻‍♂️

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