New "Retro" body is Corporate Counter intelligence to fool the competition

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Re: Just Rumors or June 28th?

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A retro body in 2021, when Nikon is behind Sony and Canon in terms of mirrorless, and Nikon is struggling to release and supply products due to Covid, would be a terrible move for Nikon. In Japan, vaccination rate is still merely 10% or so and Covid is a serious problem that some 70% of the public would like to cancel the Olympics. It is totally the wrong time to release non-essentially products to collectors.

As I mentioned above, the retro APS-C mirrorless body described by NR, if turns out to be true, would represent an incredibly stupid move from Nikon. It makes no sense to me at all. But then, a lot of things in this world make no sense to me also.

It doesn't make sense to me either but here's an idea. The A-team designers are busy with new technologies (AF, sensors, etc) that aren't ready yet. The B-team needs something to do. One possibility is a Z30 - a cost reduced Z50 (no EVF, fewer buttons, whatever). But management isn't convinced there's money to be made at the bottom anymore. So this ZFC idea is floated. Let's make a retro body with Z50 guts that we can charge a premium for. A focus group likes it, management gives the green light, and off the B-team goes to do it. But no one looks at the bigger picture. Is this a complete solution? How do we compete against opponents who have a more complete solution?

I think a Z30 would make a lot of sense tbh. No or detachable EVF, proper side-flipping screen, good video capabilities. Launch it with a UWA zoom (which a lot of the Z50 folks would also gladly buy). I can see that selling really well with v-loggers, youtubers, streamers and other content creators who are on a budget, if priced correctly.
Not the camera I would personally buy, but certainly a camera with a market imo. A retro body in the meanwhile only really appeals to a (loud) minority, it's a niche market which I could see Nikon approaching in a few years, but now they really cannot afford it. I really hope the rumor is wrong.

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