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I have a few non cpu lenses, let us say a 24,35, 50, 85 and a 105. If I have ALREADY LOGGED these lenses in on my camera (z6/7), does the camera AUTOMATICALLY recognise the lens when I put it on, or do I have to scroll through my list of lenses and MANUALLY select the lens I have attached??


You have to manually scroll through the list and select it.


Non-CPU means the camera has no way of knowing which of these lenses is attached (or even if any lens is attached at all).

Not agree.
Non-CPU mean NO Computer Chip in the lens. The DX and FX lenses made for DSLR has chips to communicate with the camera computer.
Before writing this response, I tested ALL my five Nikkor made for my 35mm Nikon (film) SLR on my four Nikon DSLR. Only one of the four DSLR has the five lens entered in it's log.
With Non-CPU lens, the flash did not work (properly) on the three other DSLR but otherwise everything else did.
Of course Manual and Aperture Exposure works but
Program mode and Shutter priority Exposure mode do not work, although, the camera will take photos.
Perhaps your camera is different from mine.

You should re-read what I wrote above so that you can learn where you went wrong.

This is the Z forum, not the DSLR forum.

DSLRs have an Auto-indexing tab that mechanically communicates the aperture value from the lens to the camera without using a CPU chip. (This tab only communicates f-number, not focal length--focal length is not needed on DSLRs, but you can manually dial them in if you want them on EXIF).

The FTZ adapter does not have this AI tab.  So on a Z camera, you have to manually dial in the lens.

See my post here:

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