[Controversial] The worst thing about Fuji

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[Controversial] The worst thing about Fuji

Click bait title but had to give a disclaimer that I am risking creating a flame war... Also, I know this complaint can (unfortunately) be said equally true of all the camera brands...

The worst thing is not the JPEGs, or worm artifacts, or color science, or autofocus, or menu systems, etc.

It's just that Fuji (and other brands) keep holding back software tech they already have from other camera models just to differentiate (or to save slightly on development cost).

Ex: The X-T4 autofocus not ported to other cameras with same image sensor and processor (ex: X-T30). They develop new film simulations but don't port to same cameras in the system for ... seemingly to differentiate? They are available on both X-Trans and Bayer; but not on all models.

You could say that people who bought a cheaper camera like X-T30 (like me) didn't pay enough for these improvements to be ported over but then what about people who spent a lot on X-Pro3? Or GFX50S, GFX50R, GFX100, etc.

Or people who bought a X-H1 which is a great camera but could have been an even better camera with more support. Shouldn't a pro camera be supported for at least a year? Probably several would be more appropriate honestly. I think people will ask about that when X-H2 comes out. If Fuji will support it or not. Would you bet you livelihood on it?

Anyway, maybe X-H1 is a special case because it is discontinued but most others are not discontinued and are still being manufactured, sold, put up as competition vs. other camera brands ... But held back unnecessarily from their full potential.

I think that Fuji customers choose their camera based on form factor mostly (X-H*, X-Pro*, X-T*, X-T**, X-E*) so why not just make all in the same generation awesome software-wise and make all your customers happy with their choice. Major features can still come at next generation which could help them generate new sales. But I think that new sales don't come from people upgrading in same generation.

Well that's the end of my rant! Sorry if I upset anyone. If I am completely wrong I am sure someone will tell me! πŸ˜‚

Fujifilm X-H1
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